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Cappadocia Lodge was a complex of abandoned historical houses by the ancient rock castle of Uchisar. In 2003 after the approval of the ministry of culture, restorations started and were carried out in the complex in the aim of creating a cave hotel complying with the natural and historical texture of the region. Having this objective in mind specialized architects, skilled masters and workers were employed for the restorations. The rock castle called Tiraz, in the giant rock formation next to the lodge, was possibly carved out by the Hittites, soon after the bronze age when iron tools were widely used. Subsequent civilizations and early Christians must have inhabited this particular area primarily for defense purposes.

Located at an altitude of approximately 1250 meters, the spot usually receives  a nice mountain breeze. Cave rooms are designed to reflect a traditional Cappadocia ambiance. Being in the bosom of the nature, by the orchards of farmers, Cappadocia Lodge offers an extraordinary panorama of the rock formations.

  • Room Service

  • Free Internet

  • Free Parking

  • Restaurant

Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly)

  • Shuttle Bus Service

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