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Ürgüp is a town and district of Nevşehir Province in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey. It is located in the historical region of Cappadocia, and near the cave Churches of Göreme. Göreme Open Air Museum is a ring shaped collection of churches cut into the soft volcanic cliffs. The Museum is 10 minutes from the Hotel.

Ortahisar is located on Urgüp. In the  town of Ortahisar; which means ‘middle fortress’ as a reference to its towering volcanic rock formation, Exedra Cappadocia recovers the history of the ancient culture burried deep within the soils of Cappadocia. We invite you to be a part of our very own ancient stone paradise.

The rooms combine historic cave drawings and restored houses, preserving original elements such as fireplaces, caverns, buried grape farms, and fermentation casks. The frescoes inspired by the historical heritage of Cappadocia attract attention. We would especially like to mention that each room has different design and features.





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