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Sunset by the Mt. Nemrut

1 Nights / 2 Days

Heading 1

Heaccccding 1

Day 1: Cappadocia-Kahramanmaras-Kahta | Meet the guide and driver in the hotel at 08:00am, and depart from Goreme. After passing Kayseri, we visit the Seljuk Karatayhan Caravanserai on the famous Silk Road. We then drive for lunch through the Taurus Mountains, affording us the opportunity to observe the country- side and everyday life of rural Turkey. After lunch we drive to Kahramanmaras for a different experience tasting best ice cream in Turkey. We then drive to Kahta and check-in our hotel.

Overnight: Adıyaman Ünal Hotel 3*

Day 2: Nemrut – Cappadocia | We depart from hotel very early in the morning up to the Mount Nemrut. At the end of the road, we get off the van and walk twen- tyfive minutes until the summit. Here we watch the memorable sun rise between the colossal size statues and heads of the kings and Gods. We then visit a which was once the capital of the Commagene Kingdom before continues to the ancient Septimus Severus Bridge bridge over the Cendere stream, and the Kara- kus tumulus where members of the royal family were buried. After having your breakfast, we will drop youAdıyaman bus station, Bus to Kayseri.





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