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Turkey's prominent luxury fashion and lifestyle brand Vakko,

with a strong reputation for timeless design, utmost quality, superb craftsmanship and unmatched service, brings a anew approach to the accommodation experience after its couture and gastronomy projects. Long time in the making, Vakko Hotel & Residance opens the doors of a brand new Vakko World, bringing together exclusive service under one roof in Nişantaşı, the fashion center of Istanbul.

In a prime location that keeps the pulse of the city,

Vakko Hotel & Residence combines the dynamic atmosphere of Nişantaşı with the timeless Vakko vision, modern architecture and stylish design. Meticulously designed residence apartments elevate the stay while Vakko L'Atelier flavors leave a mark on the palates. Personalized Vakko store experiences, as well as concierge, butler service, fitness center and Spa treatments, complete the ultimate Vakko Hotel & Residence offerings.

The 198 m2 The Room is available for private events up to fifty people accompanying the most special moments of its guests with the option of accommodation on the same floor at two separate studio residences.





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